24 June 2009

How to Deploy and Test An SSIS Package

When working with SSIS, it is not immediately obvious how to deploy a package.  Following are my short notes on deploying an SSIS package*.

Deploy the Package

  1. While in the Package designer, choose Project > [Package Name] Properties.  The Configuration manager dialog will appear.
  2. Choose Deployment Utility from the tree.
  3. Change the CreateDeploymentUtility option from False to True.  Note the DeploymentOutputPath variable.  Push OK to close the dialog.
  4. Open the Solution Explorer and right-click on the .dtsx file and choose Properties.  Copy the Full Path variable and use it to find the bin\Deployment folder.
  5. Locate the [Package Name].SSISDeploymentManifest file.  Double-click on the file and follow the steps outlined by the wizard to deploy the package.

Test the deployed Package

  1. Open MSFT SQL Server Management Studio and choose Connect > Integration Services from the UI.  Choose the Server and connect.
  2. The packages will be saved under the MSDB folder.  Right-click on the package to run it.


*  To re-deploy a package, follow steps 1-5 again.